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News and Updates

May 2022 - Three new downloads of Phil Whittmeyer's books are available. 

March 2018 - Three new books are available Michael Speaks: The Legacy of JP Van Hulle (Volume 1), (Volume 2), (Volume 3).  

May 2016 - Two new books are published: Michael Speaks: The Legacy of Sarah Chambers (Volume 3)  and Michael Speaks: The Legacy of Leslie Briggs.  

May 2015 - New books in the pipeline.

May 2014 - Non profit 501(c)3 status approved. 

October 2013 - We filed for non-profit status. 

March 2013 - Publication of Michael Speaks: The Legacy of Sarah Chambers (Volume 1)  and (Volume 2).

May 2012 - Release of transcripts from the original Michael group. 

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