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Sarah Chambers

From the Introduction to the Michael Transcripts in the Legacy of Sarah Chambers books: 

“We are here with you today.

With those few words in August 1973, Sarah Chambers, her husband Richard, and their good friends Alice and Dick started a journey that would take them far beyond anything they could possibly imagine.

Over the next few years, they would explore the unseen realm of the spiritual world with their teacher “Michael” — a name that meant nothing special at the time and came to mean so much to them over the rest of their lives.

With Michael’s help and encouragement, their little world became an opening to worlds far from where they lived. 

Along with good friend Eugene Trout, they created a new spiritual teaching — based in love — that helps people become more of who they really are.  The little group attracted strangers from far and wide — people who became friends because of the special bond they felt.

Within a very short time, those five people touched the lives of hundreds of others without really trying.  Since then, their work has helped thousands of people worldwide — maybe tens of thousands of people — by sharing the words and insights they received from Michael and from each other.

The group kept written transcripts of many of the meetings of what we call the original Michael study group.  Those transcripts were copied and passed around to their friends and coworkers, then copied and passed on to many others over the years.

And, like so many things, some of those transcripts were used for personal gain and attempts were made to keep them secret.

Now, through the help and faith of later students of “Michael’s teachings” and the support of Michael, copies of the transcripts found their way to a dedicated group of students who were able to invest the time, energy and resources into making them readily available to current and future generations of Michael students.

Our small working group digitized the original transcripts — as many as we have been able to locate.  

Our overall goal was to keep the transcripts as close to the original as possible — correcting obvious spelling or grammar errors, changing most other names to aliases and occasionally inserting missing words.  Editor changes are marked with [brackets].  We acknowledge that there are times where we could not understand what was written, so have left those for readers to ponder themselves, rather than adding in our own bias. 

We also obtained copies of several compilations of material put together later by members of the study group.  These have also been formatted consistently for ease of reading.

The study group transcripts are in Volume 1 and the other material is in Volume 2. 

Volume 2 includes charts, drawings, overleaf charts and cartoons as well as the compilations made by various members of the study group.  In Volume 2, we have included an update on the members of the study group if we have been able to locate them or information about them (using aliases where appropriate).  Volume 2 also includes a history of the Michael Teachings, interviews with current teachers, and other resources of interest to students of this teaching. 

This has been a labor of love and true study by our transcript working group and we have spent many person-years on this endeavor.

The transcripts that we have collected have been turned over the Center for Michael Teachings, Inc., a non-profit corporation set up to protect the transcripts and other material related to this teaching.  We offer this material as it was given to us — to be shared with others who seek answers in these fast-paced and confusing times.

“Why am I here?” someone asked one night.  Michael answered, “To hear the words you didn’t hear 2,000 years ago.  Maybe this time, you will listen.”


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